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7/1/18: Sam is starting to settle in. He is a good, calm boy who really does want to please his humans. It is remarkable the number of commands he knows. Because he still has occasional slips with the “off” command and is a strong, athletic dog, he would do best in a home with no small children or anyone with mobility challenges. Sam would thrive in an active home where at least one family member is an experienced dog owner and/or a strong leader. Sam needs consistency and to have his training reinforced to be his authentic self. He is an excellent exercise partner (walking or hiking) and would likely make a great playmate for a canine family member. He has a strong prey drive (birds, squirrels and rabbits) so for his safety, a fenced yard would be preferred (and he likely would do best in a feline-free home). Sam is house and potty trained (no accidents since he has been here). He is crate trained but does occasionally whine/cry in it. He is not a fan of thunderstorms and will hide sometimes during them. Sam loves toys! They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and that is definitely the case with Sam. Everyone who meets him falls in love with his eyes – look up “puppy dog eyes” in the dictionary and I’m convinced you’ll see Sam’s picture. You can tell he is an old soul. He just needs to meet his person/people and when he does, they are going to share a very special, once-in-a-lifetime bond.

(FYI – he only arrived at his foster home one day ago)

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