We have 4 ten year old seniors: Zoie, Sam, Jill, and Hershey,  arriving soon.  When others reached out to us for help, our hearts just broke thinking of these homeless labs after their owner passed.  We are never comfortable knowing a senior would spend his/her remaining time in a shelter.

We also could not leave amazing Baker to manage any longer on his own after surviving alone in the mountains for five years.  He required surgery and may have more in his future, but currently, he is much improved and his discomfort has been managed.

Tully is a recent arrival.  His story did not allow us to hesitate to help.  He has three legs, and after already loosing his leg, he was hit by a car.  Tully’s family took him to the vet and then did a disappearing act. We just learned today he is also Heart-worm positive and will begin treatment immediately. What is most amazing, he is the sweetest most loving dog.

Please read their biographies for more detail, and if you are able to provide a foster or any financial assistance for these extreme cases, we encourage you to help in a way you can. We are very grateful for any assistance provided and are incredibly grateful of the dedication of our CLR family.

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A Note to our Potential Adopters:   Please open tab for information about adopting from CLR. The information provided will address your questions regarding the process. As volunteers, time does not allow us the luxury of answering your questions or calling you until you have submitted an application. Thank you for understanding.adopt a lab



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04/23/16 ♥  CLR is delighted that THREE dogs found their forever families. We are so grateful to our adopters for opening their hearts and homes to our special dogs: GARRETT, SMOKEY, and POPTART

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Currently, we need help finding foster homes for:   YOSHI, PEPPER,  FOSTER, TULLY, INDICA 

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