A Note to our Potential Adopters!

Please open the Adopt a Lab tab for information about adopting from CLR. The information provided will address your questions regarding the process. As volunteers, time does not allow us the luxury of answering your questions or calling you until you have submitted an application. Thank you for understanding.


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♥ 2/28/15 :  CLR is delighted that FOUR dog found their forever families this week. We are so grateful to our adopters for opening their hearts and homes to our special dogs: LONNIE, GERTIE, SHELBY, and  DAMSEL

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Help us Foster!

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Our dogs not only thrive in foster care, but it is critical for helping them transition into their forever homes

Currently, we need help finding foster homes for: 

 Gracie, Bracken, Dexter II, Cassie, Layla, Posie

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We're not only here to help the dogs, but help the people helping the dogs too!

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Gracie Girl

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Gracie Girl is a 2-3 year old female that recently had puppies.  She was found as a stray, and although her rescuers found her, they were not able to find her puppies. Although we hate to think so, there is always the possibility she was dumped after she served her purpose. She remains a little cautious and looks to her people for reassurance.  Although she needs some basic obedience and leash manners, like so many of our pups, she is good with people, other dogs, and even cats!  She is only about 60 pounds, so she isn’t very large, which makes her a perfect snuggle companion.

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