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Foster care is critical for our dogs to transition into their forever homes. 
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pup with stacey 1 pup with StaceyPrecious Puppies arrive!
 One of the pups is very ill, and DiNozzo “donated” his blood for a transfusion in order to help this little one recover.  Thanks, beautiful DiNozzo, you are indeed our HERO
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8/23/14:  CLR is delighted that FOUR dogs found their forever families  this week. We are so grateful adopters for opening their hearts and homes to these special dogs:   PATSY, MORGAN, SPUMONI, MISSY



                                   Lexis, DutchDiNosso, Higby, Milo, Lucky                                Forest, Tommy, Candy, Tobie, Hobo, Coach, Dooney, Titan, Puppies

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Our dogs thrive in FOSTER CARE, and we need help finding a  foster home for:  Higby, DiNozzo, Forest, Tommy, Candy, Tobie, Hobo


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