Thank you for considering adoption from Cincinnati Lab Rescue.

cincinnati-lab-rescue-15It is important that all questions are answered to the best of your ability in order to process your application, which may take 2-3 weeks.


All fields marked with a * are required. If you are clicking Submit, and the form says it’s processing but the button returns to Submit, the most common cause is missing a required field. Fields not marked with a * are optional (e.g., if you do not have a co-adopter — spouse, significant other, or roommate you are adopting with, the co-adopter names can be left blank)

Please note, Cincinnati Lab Rescue will share all available medical information about each dog during the adoption appointment.


Fields marked with a * are required
Please include the name of your spouse, significant other, or anyone else with whom you would be adopting, otherwise leave co-adopter blank.

ex. Robert- 40, Mary- 38, Joey- 6, Amanda- 4

Part of our review process is a vet check, so please provide us with complete veterinarian information for all your pets (dogs and cats)-past and present.  If you have used more than one vet, please provide that information.  Many vets require your permission to release medical information to CLR.  Please notify their office accordingly.

Also, please be sure to provide us with the correct owner's name so your vet's office can access the information.

Current on Vaccines/Annual Checkup?

Living Arrangements

If so, please provide written permission from property owner to have a dog on premises.  Email separately to