Alfredo is a gorgeous, 2yr. old, 73 athletic, friendly, calm boy.  He is everything you would desire from a lab……great temperament, loves to retrieve, plays great with other dogs, walks great on a leash, super affectionate and just wants his belly rubbed.   Alfredo was found as a stray in KY.  He does know how to sit on command and takes treats gently out of your hand.  This handsome, gem of a dog is sure to win your heart the moment your eyes see him!



Alfredo continues to be a great house guest.  He enjoys being part of the pack of dogs at my house.  As the video below shows, he loves toys, especially hard bones, Kong and balls.  He likes to chase the other dogs in a playful way when they want him to chase them.  He respects their boundaries and is rather reserved by nature.  Today, he hung out with some shy and older dogs in the neighborhood in the backyard and he did great with them.  Also, he played with neighborhood, little kids and did not jump when they ran and loved on him.

It is very clear that Alfredo belonged to a family and somehow got lost or was abandoned.  He has very good manners inside the house and continues to demonstrate that he is both cage and house trained.  He will sit on command and simply wants to please his owner.  We are still working on the command, “stay”.  Alfredo is very calm in the house but does like to be in the same room and keep an eye on you.  He is very apprehensive right now about being left behind.  He eats at a normal pace, eats twice day very nicely and no longer requires me to stand next to him when eating.  Alfredo takes treats very nicely out of your hand and enjoys them thoroughly!  This beautiful boy loves ice cubes right from the ice maker and will come to he refrigerator to get more,

Alfredo enjoys exercise.  He does very well on the leash as the video below shows and treasures his long, daily walks with the dogs.  He is your typical lab who gets excited and wants to chase rabbits and squirrels.  With that being said, he has no desire, outside of those wildlife encounters, to run from you as he will stick by your side when outside.

We continue to work with Alfredo on getting comfortable with the cage while we are not home.  He goes in on his own with a treat but will bark and whine for for the first 15 minutes and then lay down and sleep.  We have left him in the cage for 4 hours and he did well after settling.  At nighttime, he just sleeps on the floor in our bedroom.

Overall, Alfredo is a handsome, great boy who is low maintenance as long as you devote time and love on him.  We will miss the big guy when he leaves because he has fit into our house routines so well.


Alfredo has been with me since Tuesday and is doing great.  He gets along with my two labs and enjoys running with them in my fenced backyard.  He enjoys hard bones, balls and tug ropes as he desires to always carry something in his mouth.  Alfredo is a big goofball at times…if he finds a sock, a dish cloth, a shoe, etc.., he will carry it around in his mouth until I offer him one of his toys as a substitute to carry around in his mouth.  He has not had any accidents in the crate nor in my house.

Alfredo is a super affectionate dog and will sit by you to receive pets and love.  He enjoys the company of people and other dogs.  As he is still transitioning to my home, he gets a little nervous when being left alone including when he eats.  At night, he I have tested him both in the crate and in my bedroom and he does fine with both options.  I have been putting him in the crate while I am gone.  Initially, he will resist but will go into the crate if presented a delicious treat.  When I am at home and have the crate open, he will occasionally go into it with a toy on his own will.  It does appear that Alfredo has not had experience traveling in a car.  He is unsure how to get into a car so we are still working on learning this skill.

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