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6/11/22 FOSTER UPDATE: I got a few more today at my nephew’s  baseball game. He was so calm and polite the entire two hours. He just lounged around with us and made a lot of new people friends. Every person he met doted about how handsome, well behaved, and sweet he is! Definitely a fan favorite. Some family will be extremely lucky to adopt this pup!

6/6/22 FOSTER UPDATE: So I am absolutely smitten with the pup! He is hands down the most affectionate, grateful, and good natured dog I’ve ever met. He’s great on a leash, and he had a blast at the dog park! He ran for an hour straight with a huge pack of dogs. He gets along with everyone!  He jumps occasionally, but it’s very graceful-lol. We’re working on that, and he’s learning his name little-by-little. He’s just the best!

5/21/22 VOLUNTEER UPDATE:  If you want an incredibly sweet, lovable pup who thinks he’s a lap dog then Boomer is your dog! All he wants is to love and be loved. Boomer was so fun to hang out with today, and he’s very calm, especially considering he’s a young boy. Such a sweetheart!

Our entire crew was completely smitten by Boomer today – he is not only gorgeous, but a super wonderful dog! Another comment today: Boomer is a total love bug!  He is so cuddly and sweet and has the best temperament.  He walks well on a leash and knows some of his basic commands.   He loves treats too – his eyes get so big when he sees them!  He is such a good boy!!