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4/8 UPDATE #2:  Beney is still doing so well. He is so sweet and is a great sleeper. He lays down in his crate to rest and sleeps through the night without any problems. He loves walks but still needs to work on walking straight. He prances side to side. He is very interested in everything and everyone. He loves the kids! He appears to be housebroken as he has not had an accident in the house yet. He is great with our other dogs; although Molly, our other black lab, is still very cautious around him. He is not pushy or overwhelming to her. He is learning not to eat the other dogs’ food, but steps away as soon as he hears no.

4/6/20 BRIEF FOSTER UPDATE – DAY 1: Beney is doing so well. He has the sweetest temperament and is everyone’s best friend. We’ve discovered that he knows sit and shake (some of the time). He also fetched a football forever! Our kids are in love with him