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6/27/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Bigfoot has been in foster care for 1 week, and he is doing great!  His favorite thing in the whole wide world is cuddling and being petted!  He will even give you a little bark to make sure he has your attention.  He loves to give paws and hugs to show his affection.  He is a lower energy boy — he loves just lounging around the house.

He is quickly learning the ropes as he transitions to an indoor dog and a part of a family!  He has been making a lot of progress with his housetraining. We are now working on him giving cues when he needs to go outside.  He is also learning how to be comfortable in a crate, but he just wants to be where I am!  He is driven by human affection.  He is not very food motivated, but his he is still learning his commands.  He knows how to sit and we are working on a few more of the basics!  Bigfoot is good on a leash and enjoys short walks.  He really loves to be outside, so he might enjoy a fenced in yard!

Bigfoot is a social butterfly – he does great with other dogs and all humans.  He has never met a stranger!  We have even taken him out to a beer garden, and he was the most popular patron!  He would make a great addition to any family!