Charming Charley (now called Poppy) is a 2-year-old, 50 lb. black lab who was surrender by her owner after needing to return back to work. Owner feels she can not provide enough time that Poppy needs and would be happier in new home. Owner is currently fostering her until a new home is found for Poppy. Poppy is an active, affectionate, and obedient, sweet girl. She loves people and really enjoys cuddling. You can depend on her wanting to snuggle before bed. She can be silly and enjoys playing with her family or alone with her toys as the video shows. She is crate trained and will independently spend time in her crate to sleep or just relax. Poppy is great on a leash and loves
car rides. She will gladly accompany you anywhere and loves going on errands. She would do best when she is the only pet in the house and with an active family
that can shower her with snuggles. This adorable, gentle soul will be the best companion.

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