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7/18/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Moose is definitely ready for his forever home- he has made himself very much at home and thinks he’s a the newest addition to our family.

While I would not say he is housebroken, he gets the idea and he is close. He has learned sit, stay, and come.  He has learned his name and most of the time will come when called.

He is a very calm and laid back puppy, although not always snuggly. He’d prefer to be near you than wrapped up in a hug.  He likes his foster canine brothers and tries to get them to play but backs off when they aren’t in the mood. He loves children of all ages, shapes and sizes-and has been good with all of them.

He is good in the crate at night. This week, he will be spending some more time in the crate during the day to ready him for a forever home. We love having him and have not observed anything of concern or significance.  His new family needs to be prepared for the energy of a typical, playful puppy.