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5/11/20 FOSTER UPDATE:  Clifford is such a sweet boy. I am impressed and amazed at how well he has navigated inside on his own. Outside, it is easy to forget he can’t see when he side-steps a tree or walks a fence line and turns at the corner. He walks well on the lead and is housebroken. He has his own pillow next to my bed and comfortably sleeps all night. I seldom crate him, only when there is a need and there have not been any issues.  He is uncomfortable entering the crate, likely because he is confused by the confinement, but will quietly settle if he feels your presence. He is also a gentleman and does not jump when it’s time to exit the crate.

As a one-year-old, he is still a young dog with typical playfulness. Unfortunately, his blasto requires him to limit his activity level until he is healthier. When he is outside in the yard, I love watching him just sit like a contented child that does not want to leave his playground. It is just adorable and always makes me laugh the way he plants his spread-out body on the ground with absolutely no intention of budging.  Cliff enjoys the company of all people and ignores my cats.  Clifford loves life and his blindness has not defeated his spirit at all. He truly is a very loving and special boy.