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10/11/2021 UPDATE: Colton is an absolute sweetheart!  I broke him out of the kennel today for a walk, and he is such a happy boy!  He has the cutest little bounce in his step when he walks.   He is really good on a leash. He knows all of his basic commands and has great focus.  I sat in the grass with him and he would army crawl to cuddle up….he loves ear scratches and belly rubs!  He was very affectionate and gave lots of kisses!

He is a really great dog…he just (understandably) HATES the kennel.  I had to coax him back in with treats.

8/30/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Hi, it’s me, Colton! Guess what?  I get to live in a house with people now.  Isn’t that great? I’m an AKC registered chocolate lab.  My foster dad told me he saw my papers and that my full name is Colton Duke.  My papers also say I’m 9 but I don’t act or feel like it.

I had a very interesting walk this evening. A guy got out of his car with his two dogs and they weren’t on leashes.  He was on his phone and not paying attention to me across the street.  Both dogs came over to sniff and say hi and I sniffed and said hi right back.  When we walked away, foster dad said the guy was a ding dong.  He sure didn’t look like a bell.  Then I met a bunch of kids and they wanted to say hi to me too and boy, that sure made me happy!
My foster dad has another dog and a cat and we’re good friends already.  I did have to learn about only going potty outside but I’m making excellent progress! Today my dad went into work and he didn’t put me in my crate.  When he came home at lunch, he said I left everything in good shape and it was the same when he got home at the end of the day. I love people so much and I can’t wait to show you.  Come see me soon!