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6/14/20 FOSTER UPDATE:  Cotton is an absolute love-bug with a big smile and a heart to match.  He immediately made friends with my dog especially since she shares her toys.  As for my cat, there was a little uncertainty at first, but now Cotton thinks he’s his little mini-dog buddy.

He has a big appetite and needs to lose some weight but it’s not excessive.  Fortunately, he’s a fan of the green beans I add as part of his diet and I’m sure he’ll easily get to the right weight.
Cotton definitely has a playful side as he wants to run around the yard with my dog.  Unfortunately, that can’t happen yet because of his heartworm but I’m sure he’s looking forward to it. I had some family over yesterday and he adored the attention which was happily given.  At night, he sleeps quietly by my bed probably dreaming of the scritches and pets he’ll get the next day.
If you are looking for a big, loyal, loving companion, I promise Cotton fits the bill.