Meet Cupertino!  He is a resilient 4-year-old, 55lb Yellow Lab mix.  Prior to rescue, he had tough past and has spent most of his life outdoors and neglected.  He was ultimately surrendered by his family in Alabama after they could no longer care from him.  Despite his past, he’s full of love and excitement for life.

Personality: Cupertino’s enthusiasm is infectious. He greets with kisses, a big smile, and turbo tail wags.  He loves human attention!

Training:  Cupertino is very treat motivated and quick to learn!  He is a smart boy and eager to please.  He didn’t know many basic commands but he has learned so much in foster care! He is housetrained, crate trained, and knows some basic commands  

We can’t wait to find this sweet boy the family that he deserves!


Cupertino is absolute gem of a dog! He is incredibly sweet and lovable (thinks he is a lap dog). He can be timid at first, but with lots of love and affirmation he settles right in.

He does know come, off and no. And even though he does not know a lot of commands, he is a very well behaved dog.

He does not bark, he is house trained and crate trained.

He loves to be a part of a pack, whether it is with his humans or other dogs.

He enjoys being outside in a fenced in yard and enjoys exploring the backyard.

He does seem to be afraid of men (my husband), but has warmed up to him.
He was incredibly skittish when we took a walk yesterday afternoon.  Would hurriedly walk a few stops, get anxious and then slow down, would repeat that the whole walk.

He loves to play, has a good amount of energy, but settles down well.
He is very food motivated. Loves to chew on bones.

He is super super sweet. I love him so much already!

Cupertino has settled right in with his foster family. Whether he is playing around in the back yard, happily going on a walk, or cuddling up on the couch, he loves to be a part of a pack.  His favorite things are chew toys, long walks, play time, and food!  He also loves to give lots of kisses. This sweet boy sometimes also likes to think he is a lap dog!
We know he is going to make a great addition to his new home!

Cupertino is house trained, crate trained, knows some basic commands (he is a fast learner), learning to walk well in a leash, does not bark, and has good house manners.  He is a super dog!!

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