Three 11 week old little angels……Marsha, Jan and Cyndi…… had arrived at CLR on 12/1/22 to enchant us all!  Marsha and Jan have been adopted along with their mom, Carol.  Cyndi is still available and is now 18 weeks old.  Her personality will capture your attention and her playful nature will steal your heart (attached pictures show her spirited nature).  Owner surrendered these puppies along with their mom, Carol, before they arrived at CLR.  Cyndi has been in foster since arriving at CLR so read the foster updates below for further adorable details of this little peanut!



Cyndi is a very happy, bouncy little girl! She loves to play and is enjoying exploring her new surroundings. Cyndi is an expert climber and can get on top of her foster brothers’ giant crate in no time….which is definitely a sight to see.

We love to watch Cyndi as she runs, it’s so cute! She puts her ears back, almost to make herself more aerodynamic and looks so silly as she zooms around! She doing very well with house training and keeps her crate completely clean! Yay!! She’s only had a few accidents in the house and has caught on very quickly. Cyndi is also learning the rules of her new home – she listens very well when she is corrected and remembers that rule for the next time.

Although she loves to play, Cyndi crashes very hard. Her favorite spot is to snuggle next to her foster mom, where she’ll take a long snooze. Cyndi’s foster mom can’t get enough of this adorable girl!  She is ready for her forever family

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