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8/18/20 FOSTER UPDATE:  Daisy is such a sweet girl!  It’s hard to believe that she spent her entire life on a chain because she is transitioning so well into our home.  She arrived a little nervous and anxious, but she is quickly acclimating to life indoors.  She has had zero accidents and doing great with her house training.  Although we have only been using her crate for short periods, she is also becoming more comfortable in her crate.  She always wants to be with her human, so we are working on establishing a routine and her independence.
Daisy is a playful dog but also has a very low key temperament.  Daisy is equally content playing with her toys or just relaxing around the house.  She enjoys going for walks and is doing great with the help of her prong collar.  She walks like a champ!
Daisy craves attention and loves to cuddle and give kisses….much to the dismay of her foster sister.  She is doing well in a home with another dog, but she is currently showing dominance, so she likely would be best with a more submissive doggie sibling.  Daisy gets more comfortable every day, and it has been so rewarding watching this sweet girl transition.