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8/10/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Dan is now in foster with Rilee, who was just adopted from CLR last week! Dan and Rilee are getting along well. Dan seems to have made some improvements since his last stay. For one, no accidents in the house! He has rarely tried to jump on the bed or furniture, and the times he did were when he was alone in the room. The larger crate seems better for him, though he still doesn’t love it. Making slow progress on some leash walking.

His favorite thing to do is still to request belly rubs. He’s so sweet and gentle. He just wants to be wherever you are and would make a good cuddle buddy!

7/8/2021 UPDATE: Dan is adjusting well! His temperament is very calm and sweet. He loves a good belly rub. He has conquered his phobia of stairs! He seems housetrained, and has only had one pee accident when I was at work…no biggie! I’ve tried to teach him a few commands, but he’s not super interested in learning just yet. I’m sure he’ll make progress as he adjusts further – we’ll keep working on it!

Dan doesn’t like his crate, which is very understandable given his history. He’s broken out of his crate a few times since he first arrived. Over the past two days, I’ve only put him in the crate at night to sleep; he has made progress with baby steps! Last night was the first night he didn’t fight me to go in, though I have to sit on the couch and read for awhile before I leave the room. Dan is such a good boy and will make some lucky family very happy!