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6/17/22 FOSTER UPDATE: Warning total love bug that can’t hold his kisses! We have been fostering Decoy for a week.  At times it’s hard to believe that Decoy was a stray as he is a perfect gentleman inside, but you have to invite him in each and every time it’s time to come inside. He’s had no accidents inside.  He is afraid of the television.

He gets along well with our Border Collie, but as she is a herder she directs him where she wants him to be and he lets her! He walks well on a leash, but does pull a little, we are continuing to work on that.  He is afraid of the UPS and FedEx trucks. He loves to play fetch!  Tonight he crawled in my lap and fell asleep, he is starting to trust us.

He can sit.  He is crate trained. No food insecurities or aggression and has not displayed any resource guarding.  He does not appear to have separation anxiety.  He plays well with his toys.  Loves to make them squeak, but has not destroyed any.  Decoy does not like tags on things. He did tear the tag off of his crate mat and off of a blanket, but did not chew on the blanket or the mat just removed the tags.  Our goals with Decoy for next week are to work on leash pulling, teach “down” (not off, just to lay down.). He is also going to be evaluated at daycare for socialization with other dogs, not just being herded by our dog.