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11/15/2020 FOSTER UPDATE: Diva is a beautiful, sweet little girl and is a joy to have living with us! She loves to climb right into your lap and give you lots of kisses! She’s getting along really well with our other dogs, and for the most part doesn’t care about the cats. If she starts to show interest in them they put her in her place (and she listens!)

Diva  is very polite! There’s the occasional jump on the counter, but she’s learning that’s unacceptable. She’s a SUPER fast learner! “Sit” is going well; we’re working on “Stay”. We’ve gone on a few walks with my other dogs. She starts off excited with some pulling, but after a few minutes settles in and walks better. It’s a work in progress! Tomorrow I’ll take her for a walk on her own and see how she does. She’s interested in people and other dogs and wants to pull in their direction.

We’ve been bringing Diva outside every 2 hours. She goes to the bathroom every single time. She’s had a few accidents inside, but that’s to be expected on Day 1 in a brand-new place. We’re working on getting her more comfortable in her crate. We leave the door open and are using treats as a reward. She slept in our room last night and are confident she’ll be more comfortable as she gets used to the routine. Overall, she’s a wonderful dog and we’re happy to have her with us!