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8/13/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Doodle is doing great!  He loves chest pats, belly, and ear rubs,  running around the yard, chewing on sticks, going on walks and simply, just hanging out.   He’s doing great on the leash (no prong collar necessary),  getting much better with potty training and he spend the night in the crate (still some barking though, but he will get there!).    Sweet and playful!

FOSTER UPDATE:  After a few days, Doodle is starting to warm up, and his sweet disposition is beginning to shine!  He is friendly and a very smart pup. He sits, waits, and walks well on the leash with a prong collar.  He is also making progress on his house training.  I have been introducing him to the crate slowly, he eats there, and hopefully, he will understand it will become a safe place for him to relax. I am pleased with his progress and find his sweet temperament a wonderful attribute.