Dougie is a 2 yr. old, 60 lb.  playful, sweet, happy boy who loves other dogs and people.    He is an obedient dog who knows how to immediately sit when presented with a treat.  He enjoys taking walks with other dogs or by himself.  As you can see on the video below, Dougie is happy to go play with other dogs but is a very good boy and does not bark at other dogs even when they are barking.  Also, as you can see from the video, Dougie hops when he runs on his back legs but it sure does not bother or hinder him from living the life of a normal dog.  CLR has had Dougie evaluated by a neurologist and x-rays of the spine have been performed.   There were no spinal deficits and it was determined from the neurologist that Dougie  is likely to have been born with this malformation and has been walking like this since birth.  The neurologist believes this condition will have no impact on his life expectancy.  Come meet this handsome fellow as he is sure to win your heart with his adorable personality!



Say hello to Dougie, aka “Mr. Hoppy”.  His back legs cause him to do kind of a bunny hop when he walks slowly but if he gets up to zoomie speed, he can tear around the yard just like any other dog especially if he’s chasing mine.

Dougie has learned so much since I started fostering him. He is housebroken and sleeps quietly through the night, sometimes on the first floor and other times in my bedroom. While he’ll go into a crate, I don’t think it’s necessary. I’ve run several errands in the time that I’ve had him and he’s been fine out of the crate. He’s learned that he needs to take it slowly on steps.

Dougie does very well on a leash and pretty much ignores other dogs if he sees one on a walk. He gets along great with my dog – lots of playing inside and out. He’s curious about my cat but there are no problems.

All in all, Dougie is a great dog who’s not about to let a physical impairment slow him down.

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