This muscular, black stallion is stoic, calm, confident and very handsome. Dozzer is a 5-6 yr old, 58 lb. boy who is very sweet, walks well on a leash and is the leader of the pack. An amazing rescue story…this boy was tied to an abandoned van by his owner along with the mother, Lady Lulu, and their 6 puppies. CLR came in and rescued the entire family. CLR sought the necessary medical attention for all and Dozzer is healthy and happy! Be the forever companion for this heroic, gallant boy who has a lot of love to share.



Dozer did really well his first day in foster. He was timid at first but by the end of the night he was wagging his tail, and was more comfortable around us and Rivers.

We have not had any accidents. He lets me know when he needs to go out with a soft whine.

He met our brave cat, Briggs. Dozer is a bit unsure about Briggs and would prefer to avoid him. We will start doing some positive reinforcement once everyone settles in a bit more.

We tried out his crate and he is not the biggest fan, but we will continue to do some crate training throughout the day.
He very much would like to be a lap dog!

He does “sit” moderately well and he is good on a leash. Thankfully he has been fairly responsive to redirection when needed. He is highly food motivated and I have been pleasantly surprised with his engagement so far. I’m really excited to work with him once I gain his trust a bit more.


I am super impressed with the progress that Dozzer has made in just a week. Dozzer is doing really well with “sit”, “down” and “wait”, and he’s doing better about jumping on people when he’s excited. I introduced him to snuffle mats and a nose work game where I hide treats and he has to find them. He did great for his first go at it. I can even be out of sight (in the house) for about 30 minutes without him whining. He also isn’t nervous to walk past our cats anymore. Go Dozzer!

In addition to reinforcing the things we’ve already worked on, my plan for Dozzer this coming week is to work on “with me” (non emergency recall), “heel” and “crate”. We’ll do more nose work and I’ll also be changing our out of sight exercises to me leaving the house. That has been very difficult for Dozzer even if Brandon is home.

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