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11/24/2020 FOSTER UPDATE: Drucker has been with us for 6 nights.  He had his stitches removed yesterday and is much more comfortable without his cone. He absolutely loves walks and romping in the back yard! Drucker has had zero accidents and hasn’t chewed anything other than his bone. He will invade personal space to initiate petting, but it sounds like this sweet boy wasn’t getting much attention from his previous owners. We’re working on this!

11/20/2020 FOSTER UPDATE: Drucker is a big boy with a lot of love to give! He was very excited upon arrival and invaded personal space for the first few hours. He has since settled in and is quickly learning his manners! Drucker is a good walker once he finds his flow. He doesn’t pull much, but does refuse to leave a sniffing spot on occasion. Drucker is house trained and enjoys being in his crate. He has no issue with kids big or small. He’s loving our old lab and is a good independent player. Drucker doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body! We’ve enjoyed getting to know this big guy!