Duch is a lovable, 60 lb, “buddy” boy ready to be your companion forever.  This 2 year old, playful goofball enjoys being around dogs and people.  He shows his affection with a good body rub against or between your legs, lays in your lap when sitting down and wags his tail when being petted.  He loves attention, a good long walk and/or a trip in the car. Duch, most likely abandoned, was reported by his previous shelter as being a perfect resident while waiting to be adopted.  Since arriving at CLR, he has kept his kennel clean.  Come meet this chocolate chunk of love as he will not disappoint!


Duch is just the most AMAZING loving boy! He is so happy and greets everyone he meets with a wagging tail. He loves to cuddle and get belly rubs. He knows basic commands such as sit, down and come. He is medium energy and just has a very happy demeanor.

He wants to be right where we are and lays close as I work in my home office. When I get up to get coffee, he follows me to the kitchen and back. That said, he also loves to be outside sniffing around the yard. He is very content being outside by himself for quite a while but comes back inside as soon as we call him.

He is a 100% house trained and never had any accidents. He sleeps without interruption from 10PM till 8AM on his dog bed next to us. He does not counter surf or chew on anything that is not his. He has been alone for several hours and does totally fine.

He is allowed on 1 couch in our house and LOVES to come up there to curl up next to me as we watch a movie. He would lie on my lap if I would let him – he just wants to get close! Also, he also quickly learned that the other couches in the house were off limit. He would try once or twice but learned quickly after we patiently told him to get off.

He walks well on a leash and is great going to the bathroom on the leash. He loves his walks! When he sees us with the leash, he starts wagging his tail expectantly. He is kind of interested in who we meet on the trail but usually does not really pull towards others. He does not bark at people or other dogs, except a few times when another dog was excessively barking at him from behind a fence.

He is occasionally a bit mouthy and sometimes needs to be reminded that human limbs are NOT his play toys. We are making progress with him on this and will continue to work on this by redirecting him.

Duch is fascinated by shadows and lights. Sometimes you will see him looking at lights on the ceiling – his eyes will dart around and he may bark a the lights….  He makes us laugh!

He has been an only dog with us this week. This weekend we will give him playtime with the 2 Labradors next door as they have been dying to meet Duch!

Duch is an amazing boy who just wants to love and be loved. He will make an amazing loyal companion.


Duch loves being in the park. He would be great off leash as he wants to be close to his people and comes right back. (we clearly kept the long leash on him to be safe!).  See video below.

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