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3/23/19 FOSTER UPDATE: Eggrolls foster family is so smitten with her that we have been getting a million updates (exaggeration) and comments.  So, we decided the best way to help you learn more about Eggroll is to share them.  First text: “She is honestly the sweetest, best-behaved puppy ever.”  2nd text: “She’s awesome!” 3rd text:” Selfishly, I’m hoping she sticks around for an extra week.” 4th text: “She’s adorable. And so so happy to stretch her legs. Such good manners. Hard to believe someone let this baby roam free.”  5th text: “She is great with my dogs, my kids, the neighbors, the neighbor’s kids, well mannered, no crying in the crate, loves being held or not being he- just really flexible, sweet personality.”  6th text: “I swear if I didn’t have a strict two-male dog policy, I would keep her!”