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7/3/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Emory is a sweet and calm puppy who with some time and patience has come a long way in one week at our home.  He is more comfortable with his foster brothers and follows their lead.  After a couple of attempts to walk he quickly got in line and walks great on a leash following our boys on walks.  He is skittish when walking with noises but is getting better and I just keep walking and tugging him a little and he quickens his steps. Each day he gets more and more comfortable.  He loves his crate and eats slowly lying down in his crate… he sleeps through the night in a crate in our bedroom.  Again, at times, he runs from us but with a treat in hand or when petting the other dogs he comes in for love.  He is a really great puppy with a sweet temperament and heart.  He’s been wounded by humans so it just take patience and love.  He has really come a long way in a week with us and is settling in well.