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11/24/18 UPDATE:  One of our volunteers brought Feliz home to celebrate Thanksgiving and he did so well in their home.  He loves to fetch. Well, at least the chasing part; he’s still working on the bringing back part. He’s very energetic and curious, though he does settle down.
He loves people and wants to be where the people are. Poor guy had no idea how stairs work. I had to carry him down to the basement, but I was eventually able to coax him back up with some treats. But, after a very short time, he has learned to navigate stairs.  He only had one accident when he first arrived and none since that event. In fact, he has already learned to go to the door when it’s time to go out. Add on the fact he is good in his crate, and we have been rewarded with having a really wonderful dog visit our home.

11/18/18 UPDATE:  Feliz is such a sweet pup and one of the most affectionate dogs in our care. He loves to share his kisses and is content just sitting in your lap. Large dogs, barking, and loud noises intimidate hin a little, but as he gains confidence, we are observing his ability to ignore them. But he absolutely loves little puppies and was great with one of our little ones.  We are teaching him better leash manners, but he continues to need guidance.  He is food motivated with is an excellent tool for training. Most of his behavior is motivated by his love of people and his desire to interact with them. He has a wonderful disposition and even greater potential.