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5/9/22 FOSTER UPDATE:   Frida is fully potty trained and I can’t remember the last time she had an accident in the house.  Her jumping has also improved significantly, although she still gets a little too excited when company visits.  She is able to calm down much quicker now,  and will settle with her new friends in just a few minutes.  Frida has stolen the hearts of everyone she meets!  She has such a happy and loving personality (not to mention her beautiful eyes), that it’s hard to not fall in love with her!  She still holds her title as our most cuddly, snuggly foster ever and will find the best way to snuggle with everyone she meets.

Frida is even learning that only her doggie friends enjoy nibbles when it’s playtime – her mouthing has reduced considerable and she is easily corrected when she gets too excited.  Our little girl got her last visit from the tooth fairy this week as well as she finally lost her last two baby molars!
We have also been working on Frida’s recall, and she is a champ with these commands.  Frida recently spent the weekend with another CLR foster while I was out of town and it’s no surprise that she only had good news to report.  She described Frida as a “super snuggler” who is very mild tempered for her age and energy level.  While Frida does love to get exercise, she also loves to chill out with her foster family – she’s an A+ movie companion and an even better naptime companion.
Finally, Frida is gaining her confidence and independence every day.  This has been a huge help with training and socializing.  I believe Frida will go down as one of our favorite fosters ever, her foster brothers just adore her!  While we will be sad to see Frida go, we are excited for her to show off her new skills to her forever family!