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5/11/20 FOSTER UPDATE ON DAY ONE:  Gunther sang all the way to West Chester this morning. We went on a 2.5-mile walk. He met our pet sitters who are obsessed with dogs. He ran around in their fenced yard, sat in our laps demanding more ear rubs, but he has yet to lie down and relax.

From what we’ve observed upon bringing him home:

-He loves attention
-Good with dogs
-Great with kids
-Can’t confirm cat testing yet as our cat is terrified and in hiding, probably plotting revenge on us all
-Was probably fed from the table, because he expects food at the crackling of any wrapper or scent of food. At least he sits nicely and waits when reprimanded!
-He likes to sing in the car
-His left ear is extra ticklish aka “the spot”
-He likes to keep a tennis ball around for good company
-He’s very gentle at the mouth. I could retrieve the ball easily. He also accepted a treat nicely.
-He will pick up his leash and bring it to you (again, loves attention!)
-Walks pretty well on the leash. Has to check on every mailbox 😉
-He also enjoys spreading birthday love to others

Of all things, I had to fish the kids’ plastic vampire teeth out of his mouth. He randomly picks things up like a baby. He’s a Goofball! Our kids are 7 and 4. When they went outside to play, he whined and pawed at the door. Gunther totally needs a family with kids. Lots of love all around.