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FOSTER UPDATE: Just wanted to provide you with an update on Frank the Tank. He’s such a lovebug!! After getting over the excitement of a new environment, Frank is settling in well! He loves nothing more than being close to his humans, and snuggling and food are the way to his heart. He has no difficulty taking his medication with food (like a true lab, he hasn’t had any issues with eating ) and he is well on his way to finishing up his heartworm treatment in a few short weeks. He knows “sit,” is completely housebroken, and does well in his crate overnight and when needed. While he hasn’t had the opportunity to go on walks or play with other dogs due to his heartworm, he shows friendly interest in other dogs when he sees them walk by. He howls briefly at sirens but hasn’t yet barked at anything or anyone, which is pretty impressive for a guy who is being forced to rest. Puzzles, Kongs, and bones have kept him busy, and he’s getting the hang of this whole “napping all day” business.