Meet Hoppy!  He is a 7 month old, 50lb lab mix.  He was found abandoned in Mississippi in a drain pipe with his mama and sister Whispa.

Personality:  Hoppy is an incredibly smart and calm puppy.  He has the absolute best temperament and loves to be loved!  Hoppy adores people and craves affection. He loves pets and cuddles!  He is best friends with his sister (Whispa) and enjoys playing with other dogs as well. Hoppy is a water dog and he loves to splash and play in the water.

Training:  Hoppy is still learning the ropes. He can sit and lay down, but he hasn’t quite mastered doing it on command yet. However, his intelligence and eagerness to please suggest that he will be easy to train in a calm environment.

Fun Fact:  Hoppy is a food guru and loves to gobble down his meals.  This boy loves to eat!  He also has the cutest spots on the back of his paws.

Hoppy is ready to find his forever home where he can grow, learn, and give lots of love. If you’re looking for a sweet and energetic puppy who will be your loyal companion, Hoppy is the one for you!

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