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8/18/20 FOSTER UPDATE:  Hudson is doing great! he is a very sweet boy, he loves attention and he adores belly rubs. He is doing an excellent job of staying calm and relax. He doesn’t seem to limp or feel any pain. So far we can see that this boy is super smart, learns extremely fast, and in general has a pretty calm and relaxed state of mind. He felt comfortable at home very fast and learned the basic limits around the house in just minutes! We can’t wait to spend more time with him and see more positive things about this handsome boy
The only new thing we can add to this point is that he does pretty well when he is in the kennel. Eats very well and takes the meds with no problem, and he is fully potty trained. No accidents inside the house. He has a curious personality and it seems to always be attentive to what is going on outside. He whines when he sees another dog in the distance. Without the walks, we can really say more at this point. He is doing awesome so far…