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7/15/20 FOSTER NEW UPDATE: Oh boy, we are going to be so sad to see Jaime leave. He is darling and has become our little buddy.

Jaime has lots of energy. He loves to chase and play with our big, less energetic dog. He isn’t wild or troublemaking – he settles down fine, he just feeds off whatever energy is around. So, if we are quiet and working on the computer or watching tv he will lay on his bed or a nearby rug; but when we get up and move around he is up and ready to go! 🙂 I think he would love to be with kids or another dog because he loves-loves our Louie. When we go for walks he is very interested in people and other dogs. He does chew a little bit, but redirects to his rope or toy easily. He also loves to play frisbee and is quite good at it.
He is smart and attentive. He will eat as much as you give him (we are only giving him what you’ve asked us to give!). He needs to get outside to use the bathroom about every two hours, but holds all night and does not mind the crate at bedtime or when we leave.
He’s a sweetheart and we are going to miss him – please make sure he gets a really nice family who will appreciate him!

7/7/20- Jaimie joined a new foster and after one day, she wrote, “Jaimie is fitting in so well! He loves our Louie, follows him around and monkey see, monkey do!

He has done well on the leash for walks. I am working from home and while I’m on the phone or computer, we snuggle up on a nearby rug and naps. He’s a sweetheart ️ and hasn’t given us a bit of trouble. Doesn’t balk at crating but NOT a fan of the cone – can you blame him?! :)”

7/3/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Jamie is such a sweet boy! Although he’s skittish about some new things, he does want love and attention and if approached quietly and calmly he welcomes it. Jamie is learning to relax and figure things out. At bedtime, Jamie just comes into the bedroom, plops comfortably on the dog bed, and sleeps peacefully all night. Jamie has a great appetite, which will be helpful in getting some much-needed weight on him! I am sure that as he continues to gain confidence, his puppy side will be more evident. Right now he’s a handsome, sweet, quiet boy who I truly believe will be a dedicated, loyal, loving companion!!

From Foster Mom: He’s very, very sweet and quiet and as easy as can be.  Since he has only been with me for two days, he is still a little skittish but is beginning to relax. He truly is the sweetest pup.