STUNNING GIRL….This charming, chocolate beauty is a 8 month old, 47 lb. Lab/Weimaraner mix and is super friendly, good with dogs but has never been around cats. KT was an owner surrender and the following is a description from her prior owner who aopted her for 1 month:

We have found KT to be a good house guest for a 6 month old dog. She reliably sleeps through the night in her crate. She has only had one accident in the house and that was due to an encounter with two obnoxious bunny rabbits taunting her through the patio door. Her toilet habits are fine. She will inform you of a need to go out by sitting in front of you. This can either be the need to go out or to be fed.  KT must have had some basic training prior to coming to us.  She is very good with sit. Other commands that she knows, but needs to refine are down, off and stay.  I use the single command COME to have her return to me. When training her to walk on the leash I have used HERE.  Initially she was pulling, but now when walking alone on pavement she is doing much better. I will add that at times she seems head shy. She is very birdy. She loves to hunt.

KT was surrendered by previous owner because of her high energy behavior on the leash when seeing people with dogs.  She became very excitable, jumping on others and being mouthy as puppies can be.  KT will need proper leash training.

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