Lady Lulu is a stoic, 5 year old, 55 lb. lady who is a mother of 6 puppies which CLR rescued along with her and dad. She is very calm and exceptionally gentle and sweet. She is food motivated which will aide in training. An amazing rescue story…this mother was left tied to an abandoned van by her owner along with the dad and her 6 puppies. CLR came to save the day and rescued the entire family. CLR sought the necessary medical attention for all and Lady Lulu will be a healthy mamma once she completes her HW treatment. Lady Lulu and her 6 pups have been in a foster home since being rescued so stay tuned for foster updates on this beautiful lady!

Note: Lady Lulu is heartworm positive, and CLR will be responsible for her treatment. Please make sure you keep up with HW prevention.


Lulu has been the sweetest, most dedicated mama I have ever met. When she first arrived in foster, the poor thing was exhausted from being on high alert while caring for her babies alone. But she made sure to give the pups all she could, even while falling asleep sitting up. She still dotes on the puppies at 9 weeks and loves to snuggle them! While some have already found their families, Lulu has made that transition gracefully and is very well adjusted!

Lulu’s puppies are the perfect example of her incredible temperament. Many have remarked on how calm and laid back the litter has been. This is definitely a testament to mama, who is just perfect in every way.

Given her background, Lulu’s adjustment to foster, and sweet, loving demeanor is nothing more than a miracle. She is certainly one of the easiest fosters we’ve had, puppies and all!

Lulu has made great strides with potty and crate training. She hasn’t had an accident in weeks and regularly takes a nap in her open crate. Lulu even walks very well on a leash.

Lulu has yet to meet a stranger and she has stolen the hearts of everyone she meets. She politely greets new people and just loves pets and ear rubs. Most of all, Lulu loves people and she just loves to snuggle.

Sometimes, I find it hard to describe Lulu besides to say that she is a perfectly sweet, laid back and well adjusted angel.

Lulu would do well in a variety of family types. She is great with kids and enjoys activity, but she would be just as happy in a quieter, low activity home.

While her babies deservedly had the spotlight over the past few weeks, it’s now Lulu’s turn to shine and find her way to her furever family!


Lulu is honestly the sweetest girl I’ve ever met. She is so gentle and just wants to be loved. She’s an amazing mom, takes incredible care of her pups. She’s just so remarkably chill. We’re working on potty training and Lulu is making great progress there.

I love this girl!

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