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7/26/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Latte continues to make great progress!  She started water therapy 2 weeks ago.  She likes to treat every session like she is racing in the Olympics….her little legs go 100mph!  She is using both of her back legs in the water, and she will continue to gain strength with this therapy.  I am already starting to see her bear weight more frequently.  Baby steps!

She is starting to feel more at home.  She discovered the toy bin and LOVES her squeaky toys.  She also likes to steal bones from her foster siblings.  Latte craves attention and will wiggle her way in to get some love and cuddles.  She is such a sweet girl!
Latte has done great with housetraining and now I am starting to work with her on some of the basic commands.  She is very food motivated so it should help with the training.  She loves to go for walks…and she has picked up on leash manners pretty quickly.  She is really fast on 3 legs!
She is such a great part of our pack.  We love hosting little Latte and can’t wait for her to find her forever family!

6/27/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Latte is doing amazing!  She has such a calm demeanor….she is one chill dog!  As for training, she picking up quickly on housetraining and is comfortable in her crate.  She is not a chewer, but she has started to become interested in toys and bones. She will occasionally steal a sock if left out, and she will proudly parade it around.  Oh, Latte!

Latte had her 2 week post-surgery check up at the vet today. She is progressing exactly as planned!  She still has a lot of nerve damage so the vet expects the use of her left leg to be a very slow process.  He was encouraged to see her start to stand on all fours….Big step forward from her last visit!   We will continue with her exercises and start swim therapy in a few weeks!  Despite the restricted use of her leg, Skippy is totally mobile!  She doesn’t let anything slow her down!
This little girl has defied all odds.  She has so much love to give and will be a great addition to any family!

6/18/21 UPDATE: Lil Latte is a total angel!  She has the sweetest temperament and shows more of her personality every day.  She is such an easy dog!  She is very calm and just likes to go with the flow.  She LOVES to cuddle but she is also independent.  The perfect balance!!

Latte is very food motivated and gives the cutest wiggle and whine when it is meal time.  She has come such a long way with her training.  She will go outside on command because she knows there is a treat involved!
Medically, she continues to make progress!  She is starting to bear weight on her leg….which is a great sign for her recovery!  She is gaining strength each day!