Meet Leon!  He is a 70lb yellow lab that was found stray in Tennessee.

Leon is a lovable boy with a heart as big as his paws! This affectionate guy is always ready to shower you with hugs and kisses. He loves being close to his humans and will often try to snuggle up in your lap, despite his size—he’s convinced he’s a lap dog!

Leon has excellent manners and knows how to sit on command.  He also knows paw, stay, off/down!  Yay!   He’s a joy to walk, as he strolls nicely on a leash and is well-behaved during outings. His friendly disposition makes him a great companion for other dogs too—he’s goof around and enjoys playing with his canine pals.

If you’re looking for a loyal, loving, and playful addition to your family, Leon is the perfect match. Come meet Leon and let him steal your heart!

Medical Disclosure – Leon underwent a bilateral teca-bo ear surgery to address his chronic ear infections.  He is now a few weeks post-op and is recovering nicely!



I got the pleasure of walking Leon for 3 miles and what an amazing dog he is!  He has a great, friendly disposition, can hear and obey commands and is a great leash walker.   He has a friendly, trusting personality and loves being outdoors.  He is great with both dogs and humans….he has such a loving personality!

Leon has had some training and knows the commands of sit, paw, stay, off/down.  He also has great leash manners and does not pull.  He is very treat motivated and will gentle take treats.

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