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8/27/19 FOSTER UPDATE: Lottie is a super sweet lovable puppy!   She loves giving kisses and snuggling in laps. She is quick to train and knows sit, down,  sitting when putting her leash on, and sit and stay  for her food.   She needs reminders not to jump when excited (esp first seeing you-  just remind her “off”), not to nip at hands, sometimes not to beg, and if your preference to stay off furniture.
She loves her soft stuffed toys.   She is 90% housebroken already.    We find taking her out frequently helps ensure success.   Most of the time she will let us know when she needs to go by standing at the door.
 She is learning to like her crate and we have discoveredt covering the crate is helpful. She is still adjusting to car rides, but progress is being made. If you decide a puppy is for you, Lottie will give you unconditional love.