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3/28/21 FOSTER UPDATE: Mac is a dream. He is so perfect: great in the car, great on a leash, and great with our cats! It seems like he’s still learning how to play – he’s been doing lots of slow chasing and puppy posing. He has the best howl and loves to talk! We’re working on “Sit” as well as other commands, and he seems to listening well. There have been no accidents yet!

Crate training is still a work in progress. Mac didn’t seem to know when to go to bed his first night with us and roamed the house for a while. We let him camp where he wanted, but I eventually shut the master bedroom door to keep him in. We’re sure that with time it won’t be an issue as he settles in and gets adjusted. For being here less than 24 hours, Mac has been an amazing guest and we’re so happy to have him!