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10/7/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Maisy has started her training and she has made tremendous strides over the past few days.  She is learning boundaries and has shown so much improvement in recognizing personal space.  Overall, she has a calm temperament, but she does get very excited when she wants to cuddle with her humans.

Maisy knows some of her basic commands.  She is a master at “sit” and we are working on “stay” and “down.”  She is also very comfortable in her crate.  She sleeps in her crate at night and has little resistance to it….it’s her spot.  Overall, Maisy is a smart girl and is learning fast!

We are still being very cautious with her activity level due to her heartworm diagnosis.  We are confident in our ability to treat her condition.  She has started her initial treatment and is doing great!

Although this girl has had a challenging and neglectful past, she is such a sweet and happy girl and has SO much love to give.

What Maisy LOVES:

  • Humans.  All Humans.
  • The great outdoors and enjoying the sunshine.
  • Couch naps (but we are working on that!)
  • Head scratches and belly rubs
  • Watching humans cook (and all of the smells!)

10/4/20 FOSTER UPDATE: This sweet girl is doing so much better. She’s starting to give cues when she has to go outside to go potty – I am letting her out every hour, but we’re hardly having any accidents now. She’s learned “Sit”, and while she isn’t leash trained yet she hardly pulls and would be very easy to train.

Maisy was likely neglected for most of her life and because of that, she is driven for human affection. When I sit down, she tries to jump on me and smother me.  Due to her enthusiasm, we still feel she would do best in a calm house without small children; ideally she’d live with someone who has lots of time to set boundaries and reassure her that she’s loved and belongs. She’s learning how to socialize more every day, it just requires patience and lots of love.

10/1/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Maisy is lovely and getting calmer by the day. She has a slight jealous streak and wants to be with us if our other big dog is close to us!

9/29/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Maisy is extremely loving – she so badly wants to be around people after being starved for attention. She’s still learning the concept of “personal space”. Sometimes this translates to her sitting on you versus next to you, and she will jump on nearby furniture to try to get closer if you push her away. She does respect “visual boundaries” and has not tried to cross the gate that partitions off our kitchen once.

The first few days Maisy could not sit still. She’s relaxed when she spends time alone, but the idea of people is still so exciting to her that as soon as someone enters the room, she becomes excited. Because of this, she’s not yet able to sleep on our bed with us. She is finally starting to settle in and feel comfortable in her new surroundings.

Maisy does very well with other dogs. Unfortunately, she’s not house trained and needs to be taken outside to go potty often. She has not been leash trained either, but doesn’t pull too hard on a leash. We are working to teach Maisy the word “No” as well as other basic commands.

She’s a sweet and gentle girl at heart and deserves a family that has the time to train her. Someone who is physically strong without young children would be best, at least until she learns her boundaries.