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11/29/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Mamba arrived into foster care a few days ago, and I can already tell that he is one of the sweetest dogs EVER!  He has the softest eyes and the heart to go with it.  He loves being with his pack!

As for training, we are working on some of the basics.  He is still a puppy, so he is learning some of the household boundaries.  He has not chewed anything, but he can be curious about some of the items in his new surroundings.  He is quick to react to corrections – he is a smart dog and is learning so fast!  I just started working with him on housetraining, and he is making a lot of great progress as I start to understand his routine.  He also does well in a crate, but he will bark for a minute or two when he first enters.  He does settle quickly after I leave the house.  Mamba is getting the hang of leash walking as well.  He does not pull but he does tend to weave side to side.  He has not met a neighbor that he doesn’t like!  He is like the mayor of the neighborhood (with socially distanced greetings of course).
Mamba does great with dogs and people.  He loves to cuddle up next to my dog, but my dog doesn’t always share the same affection.  He is good at reading social cues when she needs her space.  The poor guy just wants to be loved!  He is playful and likes to hop around with toys and chew on his bones.
I love hosting this sweet boy. It has been so much fun to watch his progress, and he has so much love to give!