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9/6/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: We had the pleasure of having Mario as our house guest this week while his foster mom was on vacation. He did great! He enjoyed playing with my four year old son and senior Labs. We had a family gathering and Mario was able to socialize with a few new people. He LOVES attention from anyone! Mario was also very friendly with our neighbor’s smaller dogs…his tail hardly stopped wagging!

Mario followed my son around constantly while he was with us and loved the affection from him. He was gentle and minded his manners. Mario enjoyed walking around our neighborhood with zero pulling! He’s very talented and can hoard multiple plush toys in his mouth (haha!). He really enjoys nylabones, squeaky toys and playing fetch! Mario picked up on our house routine fairly well. He is eager to please and will listen. Mario slept great in his great without a peep. He will make a great addition to any family that wants a sweet, snuggly, happy and handsome pup!

8/24/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: He is all settled in.  He is a really great dog!  He loves to army crawl down the couch for cuddles and will nestle up right beside you (whether you like it or not).  He is doing great on a leash and we are working on a few commands.  He has good focus and is food motivated so he should train easily.

He is a super happy guy but he does lay next to me and pout when I have to work.  I think he can sense that I’m quietly pouting inside as well.

8/23/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Mario is a total love bug! He has such a great temperament and loves to be loved.  He is an A+  cuddler and always enjoys some big ear rubs and scratches.  He has mastered the Labby lean and will melt right into you….he’s so happy!!

He is doing great with his training.  He is very comfortable in his crate and will sleep there quietly throughout the night.  He also does great on walks.  He loves to greet all of the neighbors as we pass by. He is such a friendly boy!  He is doing well with housetraining, and we are working on some of his basic commands.  He is a really smart boy! He is still a little curious in the house and has tried to to counter surf, but he responds well to corrections.  He really aims to please!
Mario has 2 foster dog siblings and he gets along great.  They were fast friends, and he adjusted well to the new environment. Mario has been a great addition to our pack, but he’s ready to go home with you and your family!
He has been such a great addition to our pack!