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6/20/22 FOSTER UPDATE ONE WEEK: One week at our house and Max has captured our hearts. This guy will teach you all about the power of forgiveness and living in “the now.”  Looking at him, he has lived a crazy hard life.  But he will show you that the hard past doesn’t matter. He’s a simple man and needs a super soft pillow, 2 meals a day, and to be told he is a good boy.  His wagging tail shows you how happy he can be.  He loves a good walk, snuggles, and a bone or two to chew on. He’s fine in the crate at night, doesn’t jump and he is a super quick learner.

      This week he has learned the command “wait”.  He will wait to walk through a door until you say “OK”.  Very valuable, he doesn’t bolt through any door.

He sits, lays down and will settle down very quickly when you ask him.
What a special dog.  We are so grateful that he has landed with CLR and we know he will find a fantastic fur-ever home. In the meantime, we’ll be at the pool retrieving some bones.
      We have nicknamed him Maxwell P. Harrington. All labradors seem to have numerous nicknames, right?  And the two labradors together are called the kittens….again, we are crazy lab people.  Max seems to have never gone for walks.  We are not veterinarians, but he just seems like his muscles are in atrophy.  Just seems heavy for him to lug around.  But really he manages great and is super sweet.
6/12/22 FOSTER UPDATE-DAY 1: Max had a great night’s sleep for his first night.  Slept all night in his crate without a peep.  Yesterday was a full labrador day!  Rides in the car, hanging out with his new foster sister, lots of time outside, walks around the neighborhood, chewing on nylabones, chilling on the deck with foster dad, and finally couch snuggles with foster mom.
He doesn’t know any commands, maybe sit.  But his tail wags so much, it’s hard to sit for more than a second.  He quickly learned what going for a walk means and can’t wait to have his leash on. We just got back from a LONG walk this morning.  Max, Jane, my coffee, poop bags and all. My husband thought I was nuts having my hands so full.  But it was a dream come true and we all had such a great walk.  He’s easy and wants to please.