Max is a 2 yr old, 72lb. calm, friendly boy.  He is good with dogs, cats and children.  Also, Max is crate trained and walks well on a leash.  He initially came to CLR from a KY shelter after being returned from owner whose landlord would not allow dogs.   Max was then adopted from CLR a month ago and this family has determined they are not the right family for him because of their full-time work schedules which require him to be left alone in cage  for over 9 hours.  They would love to see him with a family who can spend more time with him and have agreed to foster him until this can happen.  His recent family has provided an update that you can read in the update section below. Come meet this handsome fellow who will quickly win your heart!



Max is an extremely friendly dog that loves to be adored and shown affection from his owners. He does very well with children and babies (the youngest baby he has been around is 8 months old). He knows the word “sit” and will sit off a leash as long as direct eye contact is made with him and he is not overly excited at the time the command is given. He enjoys companionship and enjoys being around people. He rarely barks in the house but does bark on the leash when he sees other dogs.  He does know how to walk well on a leash and does not pull. He does well with other dogs in a calm environment.  He enjoys a fenced in yard and loves being able to roam free and play after going potty. He is a lifelong companion who will love his owners until the end. He would love a family who works part-time and/or works mostly remote who can provide him love and attention.

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