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3/16 UPDATE:  Happiest dog on the planet award goes to this guy!  He is one of my favorites!

3/1/22 UPDATE: McGruff loved every minute of his walk today.  His tail never stopped wagging!  He was really excited coming out of the kennel, but he settled quickly.  He walked well on a leash and knows the sit command.  He is very affectionate and loves to snuggle and give kisses.  He lives for human attention.  He absolutely dreaded going back into the kennel – he put on his best “dog brakes” and laid on the floor outside of his kennel in protest.  He just wants to be around humans and find his forever home.

2/27/22 UPDATE: We were able to spend extra time with McGruff today, and we all thought he was simply awesome. He is incredibly affectionate, focused, playful, and even walks nicely on a leash.  Another bonus is his handsome face.  He seeks affectionate and may get a little excited if he knows you’re a willing recipient of all his kisses. He will need some reminders about good manners, but he has a very gentle side when he gingerly takes treats.  He will truly be a wonderful member to his new family.