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3/76/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Miley exhibits all of the lovable qualities that you would expect in a Lab.  She is adorable, sweet, playful and smart.  She knows sit, down and paw, and she responds very well to correction.  She fusses a little when first going in her crate, but she quickly settles down and takes a little snooze.
Miley loves toys!!  Nylabones, Kongs, antlers, balls…she can’t get enough.  When she is done playing with a toy, she often takes it over to her bed just to keep it near her.  She gets along well with other dogs and is eager to play.
It seems Miley may not have lived in a house with stairs previously because she was a little confused when first presented with the concept; however, she caught on quickly and is doing great now.
As with any younger Lab, Miley needs some guidance on manners now and then, but she is a wonderful dog who will be a great addition to a family ready to give her the love and attention she deserves!

2-26-20 Transporter Update:  I loved tansporting this cute and energetic black Lab.  Miley was easy to get into the back seat of my car.  She was a fun rider but I was glad to have had the harness or else she would have been in the front seat next to me.  She was very curious about her surroundings and loved looking out the car windows and enjoyed the treats I provided. She made friends as soon as we walked inside vet’s office and everyone thought she was the absolute sweetest girl.