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12/17/19 FOSTER UPDATE: Well after only a couple of days, I can safely say that Obie is an absolutely wonderful dog.  He may be less than a year old, but he has to be one of the mellowest pups ever.  He’s still  definitely a Lab with a tail wag that shakes his whole body. He gets along great with my dog and seems to be completely indifferent to my cats.  He slept well through the night, and he even stayed out of trouble today while I was at work. It’s hard to believe Obi was found as a stray because it’s impossible to imagine that anyone would let him get away.
We have discovered he doesn’t like the crate very much and will need time to adjusting to being crated when his family isn’t home.  Like so many of the dogs, he will just need patience and understanding.  His wonderful and sweet personality will make it all worth it.