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9/10/21- Perfect Pablo is coming back only because the family decided they actually do not want a puppy.  They said he was just wonderful- and has the best temperament, but they realized a puppy wasn’t the right match for them. So Pablo is on the search for the best family to enjoy his adorable puppy  personality.

8/29/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Pablo is such a smart puppy.  We are working on no jump, off and no bite.  He has mastered sit!  He will crate with no issues and does not bark while in it.  He keeps the crate clean and has not had any accidents since I brought him home.  He loves being with his people and is happy and content  laying on one of the many dog beds he has to pick from.  He is very submissive and respects when one of my dogs tells him enough.  He also loves the neighbor 5 year old little boy who frequents our house often.  I anticipate that he will be a great addition to any family and settle in right in!