4/30/22 MORE INFO FROM HIS FOSTER: I’m so proud of Pasta!  I’ve started crating and him during the day and he’s done great. I come home at lunch to let him out and while he’s certainly happy to see me, he’s not going crazy to get out.  I would say he’s 100% crate trained. He’s settled into the household routine quite nicely and generally a pretty relaxed pup…, other than an occasional goofball Chocolate Lab spell. Pasta has met the neighbors and people on his walk and he loves everyone!  He’s just a joyful, happy dog who is bound to make you smile!

4/23/22 FOSTER UPDATE: Pasta is a big brown bundle of floof who just wants to be loved.  He absolutely adores attention but he’s doing great with the “off” command he learned during training.  He’s quite calm and is happy to lay near you waiting for that next belly rub. Pasta immediately made friends with my dog and they get along great.  He’s also fine with my cat – a couple of sniffs and that was that. He’s learning the do’s and don’ts of being an indoor dog.  Only one accident so far which is great.  I ran some errands today and he was fine outside of the crate.  Pasta absolutely listens to “no” if he gets into something and gets the best “I’m sorry” face I’ve ever seen.

Pasta wants and deserves to find a loving family and a home he can call his own.

4/15/22:  Pasta is back from training.  He did so much better on our walk today – big boy is learning the ropes!  We ran into some kids on our walk today – he was so sweet and gentle with them!  Pasta has the best personality!  He is ready for his forever! Pasta might be the happiest dog on the planet.  He has the best personality and is so loving and playful. He has made huge strides with his training – he is walking well on a leash and knows some of his basic commands.  He will work for belly scratches!