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Penny Lane
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Meet Penny Lane!  She is a 1 year old, 52lb girl that was found stray in Alabama.

Personality:  Penny Lane is a gentle soul. She can be shy and timid at first, but with patience and kindness, she starts to come out of her shell. Once she feels comfortable, she’ll surprise you with her affectionate side, jumping up for hugs and pets.  Penny Lane is shy around other dogs at first.  She has gone through a lot of change so she might need a little extra time to come out of her shell. Penny Lane’s ideal home is one where she can receive the gentle, loving care she deserves.

Training:  Penny Lane is still learning some of the basics.  She is making progress on housetraining and some commands.  Penny Lane is very smart and has known to be an escape artist.  She would do best in a home with a secure fence, invisible fence, or always kept on a leash.

Energy Level:  Penny Lane is not overly energetic but is more quiet and cautious (especially at first). She needs a quieter environment where she can slowly build her confidence.  We feel like she will benefit greatly from her time in foster care.




She is gaining more confidence and loves either sitting right next to you or playing with the pack. I believe she’d do well with another dog to help her confidence or a home where she can be next to her person more often than not. She is truly sweet and would make a great companion for a gentle handler and someone with patience as she continues to learn not to fear the world.
Penny Lane is such an old soul!  She loves to sleep and prefers being cuddled up next to her person more than anything else. She’d do great in an apartment or house with someone who is retired or works from home.  She is still working on her house training (she’s still scared of being outside even to go to the bathroom). She whines in her crate but settles down over time. She needs a quiet house with older kids (10 and up) but does great with other dogs. She’ll play with them and enjoys being part of a pack but can live alone as long as her people are home often.

Penny is has been in a foster for a few days.  She is now crate trained (although she will still protest and bark and whine a bit). She loves other dogs and would do well in a home with them. She is very sweet but still very shy. She will come to you when you sit down but never when you’re standing up.  We are working on her trust issues but she still has a way to go. She’ll do best in a more quiet home without loud noises (older kids are fine but I’d say 10 and up).

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