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5/21/19 FOSTER UPDATE:  There is no doubt that Pete is the perfect gentleman. I picked Pete up from CLR on Friday, and it didn’t take long for him to win his way into my heart. Pete proved to be a very social dog on our first adventure away from home. We went to a dog-friendly restaurant with an outdoor area. He calmly sat under my table while I had lunch and was simply enjoying the view. Pete was extremely gentle with everyone he met, including other dogs.

From the moment Pete entered my home, I realized he is a VERY well-trained dog! Pete is 100% housebroken, he does not jump on furniture or people. Pete is a very relaxed 5-year-old lab that just loves being around his humans. He isn’t a fan of being crated, and it’s possible he doesn’t need to be crated, but he could learn to adjust. Pete LOVES to go on walks, and when he sees me grab his leash, I get to witness a full body wag, yet he sits patiently to be leashed. While Pete weighs 85 pounds, he is what I’m now referring to a gentle giant.  Pete does not pull on the leash but walks easily at my side ignoring the yipping dogs we encounter on our walks. He is focused on me and examining the new terrain and smells along the way.

I have fallen in love with Sweet Pete. He is a WELL TRAINED and LOVING dog. If I hadn’t recently lost my 14-year-old lab, I’d scoop Pete up and give him his forever home, but sadly I’m not emotionally there yet. For anyone yearning for unconditional love, Pete is the perfect dog! There is little to no work involved with adopting Pete, he merely needs the love his owner deprived him of once he surrendered Pete.


5/4/19 Pete may be a little bigger, but he couldn’t be any sweeter.  He adores people, walks easily on a leash, and is a relatively calm dog. We have often witnessed how calm and manageable some of the bigger dogs can be – The classic gentle giant, but he is really a normal size for a lab.